JavaScript’s another beautiful part that makes us love language.

When it comes to hoisting it makes us confused most of the time. This is one of the favorite questions of the interviewer. So today we’ll try to understand hoisting in simple layman language.

Let’s start with some JS code to…

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I am working in the e-commerce sector for the past 6 years with a US based company Anatta design.

Now in 2020 with the outbreak of Covid19 working remote is the necessity, because safety is our first priority.

But for people who haven’t done it before initially it seems very…

I am working in e-commerce sector as a developer from 6 years. I worked on hundreds of stores and notice one thing that upselling and cross-selling play important role to boost your conversion. Whether it’s Magento, Shopify or any other CMS these are very important for every store.

So In…

Shopify logo from Google search

Hi Developers 👋

This is my first blog post so my vocabulary might not be that impressive but you’ll definitely learn something after reading this.

I was working on client’s project and suddenly requirement came in for recent viewed products to show the users. So I start looking into at…


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